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My email also has part of my name in it if it proves anything. Geändert wird nur der Nachname! Sunbursts This thread is from 2011, please avoid resurrecting old threads. I hope I can help some of you with this, hf dude any chance you can help me with this, if you did it already, im going nuts with blizzard, i even rang them up too say i was 1 of the victims that had there account renamed with the exploit a few months ago, but they looked far into the account and seen it was never changed. Provide the name you want to change your account to. I too am married now and my account is in my maiden name. Looking to get into endgame again come WoD. Now from what I understand, you can only change name if you use silly name like James Bond, Frodo Baggins etc and if you had legal name change.


Has anyone ever tried getting their account name changed? : wow change first and last name

All respective topics will be closed. You can also add me on Skype. Would that kind of identification work? As always, have fun and enjoy your stay! Blizzard employees posting by their real first and last names on our forums as well. My succes chance is about 95% or even higher, calculating this from the amount of changes ive done over 200 as of todays date vs amount of failed attempts roughly 10 or under, most times due to customer logging in during process. This set of screens provides you with any information you need to fill out the support ticket or speak with a customer service representative.


How to change the legal name in your account change first and last name

Also I want to know the price and payment method you accept. Blizzard always requires proper identification when retrieving an account, and the name must match the account. Yes , i Refund you Half of Amount is Any chance to get Bann when trying Change my Bnet Name? Change Your Battle Net Name Right Now This service allows you to change the first and last name on your Battle. Be sure both WoW accounts merged in battle. Log in to your Battle.


Account Name Change change first and last name

Generally the method would be to contact Blizzard's Customer Support Service by telephone. Now, you have to merge in the battle. I'm looking to change this to my real name, however, I've read that Blizzard will only change your name for serious things, such as legal name changes. Customers in Australia should call 1-800-041-378. If you have the name change reversed for any reason, no refund will be given. If you are having any issues, shoot us an email,.


change first name last name change first and last name

Hopefully the information will help out, but if you need more assistance, I'd like to reiterate that you can always resubmit a ticket or give us a call directly. Hi there, when I first made my Battle. So if you one day came to regret your decision to call yourself XxMrSwagNutz420xX, well, that was just too bad. Best and safest service on the market Price: 100 euro Skype: el. If, for any reason, your name does not match on the Battle.

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I looked around and found some information, but not the proper way on how do I do this. This will prevent the original owner from recalling the account or taking control of it again, and it will also prevent hackers from being able to take control of the account when you do not have enough documentation to prove that you are indeed the original owner of the account. Provide details about your account, such as the email address the account is registered under and the full name currently on the account. You mean we will need to use our real names to post on this forum? The only difference is that you will have a new name, so you should let your friends and guildmates know the new name. If you purchase a World of Warcraft account, buying a name change is like buying insurance for your property.

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To change your character name, open the World of Warcraft in-game shop and purchase a Name Change from the Services section. The technical support forum isn't really for this kind of thing. It is not allowed to keep an active trade topic closed and only open it for pushing. But that policy has how changed, and you may now change your Battletag as often as you like—as long as you're willing to pay for it. However, you cannot change your first and last name unless you contact Battle. Ticket support for something like this, it really depends on what you have currently as the owner name and what you want to change it to, and you can't post that kind of information here since it's a public forum.

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D 3 Blizzard will check your account to make sure it's in good standing, this is when you want to get ready to make a transfer from Account A to B, when blizzard asks what name do you want it changed to, spell it out slowly for them. Changing the name registered on the account is not a minor issue, and our support team needs to be certain they are talking to the registered user, so that is why an might be requested for such changes. According to a gm for me to change the name you need to fax in a request form along with 2 pieces of identification from both parties and a bunch of more bullshit. You transfer all your characters to this new account and then you call Blizzard's billing service, you have the initial cd key now, and want to change the name of this new account? As far as I can see, the correct name should be registered to the account but the shipping address profile seems to differ. You can post, reply, and share whatever is on your mind. But can't there be a security system implemented for the account settings changes as well? Characters on your World of Warcraft account can still use your old character name during that time.