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Being crushed by a van is no laughing matter, but Petra sustained no injuries, all thanks to one reason--well, two reasons.

Petra Verkaik Archives

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Petra Verkaik Nude 🌶️ 214 Pics & Gifs of Hot Naked Boobs


Petra Verkaik Archives

Here is the thing with her, not only does she have the desirable slim body with huge boobs but they are pretty perky for the size and her age as well! It may surprise you to know that a glamour model would put up with an old car's antics, but Petra is attached to the ol' girl--even though she has to perform CPR on her van almost every time she wants to drive it.

The Most Photographed Playmate Ever! Petra Verkaik’s Record

Speaking of blue, that is exactly what your balls are going to be if you watch these pics of a naked and mega busty Petra without some release, just a warning! Who is your favorite Playboy model of all time? Petra Verkaik sexy pics She enjoys the honor of being featured in Playboy magazines and special editions for more than 60 times.

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Her grace and beauty are helping the sexy diva rule the nude cinematic universal in all her glory.

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Well, Playboy has finally given me some awesome promo pics of Petra stripping out of an orange sweater! Anything you like or dislike about this site? It has given me self-confidence," admits our Miss December 1989.

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Awards Besides being the most published woman in Playboy history she has received various awards to complement this accolade.

Petra Verkaik Nude 🌶️ 214 Pics & Gifs of Hot Naked Boobs

— You, Petra Verkaik, are bustiest of all! Petra shows us that in her Playmate Extra special, big boobs and big personality are always in style, and frankly, down right erotic! Usually they are just playing naked girl 2 or something similar but its still cool.