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" "Uh," he replied, "that's not what I said, it's just that I like this too," as he buried his face into her crotch, while tonguing her through her thin lace panties!!! " "I-I'm sure that I don't know what you mean," she replied nervously, "and by the way, how did you find out who I am!?! If he wasn't running one of the many rides for the youngsters, he was operating a game stand, you know, the kind that for a buck you have to knock down the three milk bottles with two throws, or maybe shoot a moving target with a gun with bad sights, where ever he was needed, that's where you'd find him.

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'Naravno', rekao je i oboje smo se smijali zajedno.

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" "My cum shot up to my chest," he replied as his hand became a blur on his erect shaft, "just like it's ready to do now, blow a big load all over the place!!! Erotski oglasi koje ovdje vidite ostaju trajno.

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" "You're not gonna vjerujem da je ovo", rekao Maddie Vic, "Sam je pitao ako ona misli da su prevelika! The only thing audible in the living room, was the loud licking noise coming from each woman's pussy, except of course for the frequent moans that each of them made into the burning snatch of the other!!! "You like that do you," he asked while taking it into his hand and slowly fisting it, "now it's my turn to give you a show!!! "Mom's out on a date herself," said Brenda, "and she won't be home until morning! "Sweet jesus," Vic remarked when the two huge globes of tit flesh fell from the over sized brassiere, "it's hard to believe all that developed in a short twenty years!!! Marie's heart was beating a mile a minute as she gazed out the window at the windows on the building just across the alley while wondering who had been spying on her, and even more disturbing, how did that someone find out who she was and what her e-mail address was!?! " "Okay then," Vic said heartily, "let's get the show on the road!!! Imali smo sjenovitim prostor uz punu kuka-up je samo nekoliko metara od vode ruba.

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" After sitting for a few minutes nursing their drinks, Maddie piped up, "I think its time I help Sam take off the rest of her things, don't you Vic!?! It was almost if she was starved for the taste of a pecker, like she hadn't had in it a long time, and Walt could feel his nuts begin to tighten up as his orgasm neared!!! 60 RSD, A1 Srbija 123.

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Vic could sense when the end was near, because both women's pace increased dramatically, with Sam now bouncing up and down on his shaft, while Maddie was squishing her pussy on to his face and at the same time trying to suffocate him!!! Most of the time the broads were young, between eighteen and twenty three.